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The following code gives syntax error in count distinct values.

SELECT SUM(               AS target, 
       SUM(reports_db.ach_total)              AS Total, 
       Count(DISTINCT reports_db.report_date) AS WorkingDays 
FROM   ((areas 
         INNER JOIN distribution_houses 
                 ON areas.area_id = distribution_houses.area_id) 
        INNER JOIN house_thanas 
                ON distribution_houses.distribution_house_id = 
       INNER JOIN reports_db 
               ON house_thanas.thana_id = reports_db.thanaid 
WHERE  reports_db.report_date BETWEEN 
       #2012/02/10 12:00:00 am# AND #2013/02/09 11:59:59 pm# 

how to find distinct count values in microsoft access database?

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possible duplicate of query to count number of different values? – HansUp Feb 9 '13 at 6:54
Access SQL does not support Count(Distinct ...). See this blog post for an Access alternative:… – HansUp Feb 9 '13 at 6:55
Every where use group by clause but group by can make my result different – decoder Feb 9 '13 at 7:20

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I think you are not seeing what is being suggested, which is:

 SELECT SUM(               AS target, 
   SUM(reports_db.ach_total)              AS Total, 
   (SELECT Count(*) As JustOnce
    FROM (SELECT DISTINCT report_date FROM reports_db)) AS WorkingDays 


In the query design window, design view, the subquery should be set as Expression.

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