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I downloaded the libgdx-master.zip library and unzipped it, then tried to import android tests project in eclipse, doing so gives an exclamation mark which is not a unique error but problems i am facing are below.

I did following to sort it out, but did not work for me

  1. Created libs folder in the project and copied all the jars in that
  2. In project properties i added the jar files that come along libgdx-master.zip libray
  3. Cleaned the project
  4. That is what i do when ever resources conflict or exclamation mark comes in my project


  1. In the imports: The Classes this test project uses from libgdx-master libray
  2. In Project Properties->Java build-> Project-> some missing projects appear
  3. I searched a lot about importing the test projects present in this library, but, can only found creating new project to use this library

What i aspect from the community

  1. Importing test projects from the library libgdx-master, any tutorial link/guide you used yourself, i tried a lot.
  2. Any one who used this library could answer more properly
  3. what rating/ranking would you give to use this library for android board game development
  4. I know how to import the projects and link the resources, but, in this specific case it did not work for me, if you please answer specifically, i would be grateful.

At the the end i would like to thanks who showed patience to read this.

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What specific URL did you get libgdx-master.zip from? As far as I know, the official (libgdx.badlogicgames.com/download.html) zip downloads do not include any demos. If you downloaded the .zip from github, you probably need to run ant fetch.xml to download the "native" bits (this is recent change, so it depends on when you downloaded it). –  P.T. Feb 9 '13 at 19:55
Thanks! P.T. for putting me in the in the right direction. –  Zahid Hameed Feb 14 '13 at 6:47

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