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May I ask how can I call function c on below situation?? Thank you very much for your advice.

    var Foo = function(el){}

    Foo.prototype.d = function(){ 
        // I want to call function c here, how can I do??

    $.fn.a = function(){
        return { 
            b: new Foo(this)

   $.fn.a.prototype.c = function(){ alert(1); };  //function c

   $(el).a().b.d()   <-reach c... 
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You don't have an instance of a that was constructed with the new keyword. So you will have to use call or apply.

Foo.prototype.d = function(){ 
    $.fn.a.prototype.c.apply(this, arguments);

This will run c on the Foo instance - is that what you want? If you just want to call the function without an specific execution context you can use $.fn.a.prototype.c().

This probably isn't the best way to architect this - if you want to call it as a member function of Foo don't add it as a member function of $.fn.a.

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thank you very much! – Till Feb 9 '13 at 7:44

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