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I have the following situation of my app. Four child VCs need to have a data source delegate, which their root VC (they all share one root VC) must implement.

My question is - do I declare a protocol in each child VC and implement each protocol individually in the root VC, or is there a better way? Somehow define the protocol only once?


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No need to declare 4 protocols in 4 child VC's.

Take only one protocol just like @elio.d said and implement that protocol method in your Root VC.

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Thanks, I ended up doing just that. Declared a new protocol in another file, created a data source object in each child VC and implemented the protocol in the root vc. Works beautifully :) – Nikolay Dyankov Feb 9 '13 at 14:44

What about having each Child that Inherit from a controller that declare the protocol you need?

@protocol VCChildDelegate <NSObject>
 -(void) yourMethod;

@interface WCChildAbstract : UIViewController
@property (nonatomic,assign> id<VCChildDelegate> delegate
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