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I tried to make drag nad drop batch file. I have problem file is on place but bat file couldnt find it ... I want to copy .png files (like pict_2013020808172137243.png) to other folder and rename it. In the path are symbols like _ and spacebars ,also i dont know how to make multi drag and drop to make the same function(rename and add to .zip). I tried this but with no result :(

COPY "%1" "%CD%\test\" /Y /S 
REN "%CD%\mob\*.png" "%CD%\test\test.png"
7za u -tzip "%appdata%\.virto\" "test" -r
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Drag & drop is badly implemented for batch files.
The names are quoted, if a space is present, but not if a special character is found, like &,;^

For spaces only in your filenames, you need to change your code only a bit.

ECHO "%~1"
COPY "%~1" "%CD%\test\" /Y /S 
REN "%CD%\mob\*.png" "%CD%\test\test.png"
7za u -tzip "%appdata%\.virto\" "test" -r

%~1 expands always to an unquoted version, so can always quote them in a safe way.

"c:\Docs and sets" -> %~1 -> c:\Docs and sets -> "%~1" -> "c:\Docs and sets"
c:\Programs -> %~1 -> c:\Programs -> "%~1" -> "c:\Programs"

For more details read Drag and drop batch file for multiple files?

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Thank You! That helps me a lot :) – John Johnson Feb 10 '13 at 10:30

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