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I have two views listening to separate events in my collection.

this.cartCollection.on('quantityAdded', this.QuantityAdded, this);          
this.cartCollection.on('quantitySubtracted', this.QuantitySubtracted, this);
this.cartCollection.on('salesPriceRateUpdated', this.UpdateCartItemPrice, this);
this.cartCollection.on('unitMeasureUpdated', this.ChangeItemPriceOnUnitMeasure, this);
this.cartCollection.on('quantityOrderedUpdated', this.UpdateCartItem, this);
this.cartCollection.on('quantityDefectiveUpdated', this.UpdateCartItem, this);
this.cartCollection.on('discountUpdated', this.UpdateCartItem, this);       
this.cartCollection.on('discountAppliedToAll', this.ApplyDiscountToAll, this);

this.cartCollection.on('clearedTransaction', this.VoidTransactionWithValidation, this)

on maintemplate.js i have this

this.collection.bind("add", this.ModelAdded, this);         
this.collection.bind("change", this.ModelChanged, this);
this.collection.bind("viewDetails", this.ShowItemDetails, this);
this.collection.bind("viewFreeStock", this.ShowFreeStock, this);
this.collection.bind("viewAccessory", this.ShowAccessory, this);
this.collection.bind("viewSubstitute", this.ShowSubstitute, this);
this.collection.bind("itemRemoved", this.RemoveItem, this);
this.collection.bind("reset", this.ReinitializeCart, this);

But on my template those events are from my model which is linked to my collection. After triggering this.cartCollection.on('salesPriceRateUpdated', this.UpdateCartItemPrice, this);

I'm updating the collection by this.cartCollection.reset then pass updated models this.cartCollection.add(data) after this when I trigger salesPriceRateUpdated maintemplatethis.UpdateCartItemPrice' no longer catches any event. I even tried adding {merge:true} yet same results.

Any Ideas on how to properly preserve the event bindings? Thanks

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can I see an example / jfiddle – IanO.S. Feb 9 '13 at 9:48
sorry. It's quite big and intricate so I can't have an fiddle example right away. I'll try to replicate the problem though – Dreyfus15 Feb 9 '13 at 10:04
Here's a basic fiddle that (I think) does what you described: jsfiddle.net/rbkfL. The issue is not reproduced, everything works as expected. Can you try to reproduce the issue there? – jevakallio Feb 9 '13 at 10:26

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