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I'm trying to write an Automator shell script for Xcode to make my import lists unique. The trick is, I DON'T want them sorted. So I found this perl magic that works almost perfectly:

# Print all unique lines
perl -ne 'print unless $a{$_}++'

The only rub is that it removes all the empty spaces between my #imports. I like to group imports by their function...

#import This.h
#import That.h

// ViewControllers
#import ThisView.h
#import ThatView.h

...so I'd like to keep the spaces.

is there some variation on the above incantation that will ignore spaces? If not is there another way to affect this?

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Something like this:

perl -ne 'print unless /\S/ && $a{$_}++'

"Print unless the line contains a non-whitespace character and already exists in your hash"

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If you only want to affect the imports, perhaps the easiest solution is to restrict your deduping to lines that begin with #.

perl -ne 'print unless /^\s*#/ && $a{$_}++'
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