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Using VS 2012, Entity Framework 5 and SQL Server Express 2012.

I have a SQL Server database to service an application using Web API; as it is mainly for use on mobile devices, I want to minimize data transfer so I would like to disable Navigation Properties. I've set ProxyCreationEnabled and LazyLoadingEnabled to false which means that the related data does not get serialized which helps a lot but they are still appearing as empty arrays in the data returned in calls to the Web APIwhich means I will have to handle them some way in the AJAX calls.

Is there some way to turn them off completely?

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Use DTO's. Don't make it a data layer responsibility to shape and optimize transport. –  Gert Arnold Feb 9 '13 at 12:37

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I thought Gert's answer was a bit terse so I ignored it originally. Actually, he is 100% right. I now realise that if you want any fine control over the data you are bringing across then DTO's (Data Transfer Objects) are the way to go.

I thought at first that there would be a lot of repetitive work in creating the DTO's but then I discovered Automapper :)

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