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I have a list

Class =>       Second      Third   Second  Fourth  Fifth  Second

Position =>     2           3       2       5        1     3 

I want to create new list which has Same class as well as same Positon

i.e new lists

Class  =>      Second       Second

Postion =>       2             2

Class  =>         Second

Position =>         3

Class  =>          Third

Position =>          3

and so on

can i use muliple GroupBy on parent list to produce these different list or first i should GroupBy "Class" and then by "Position" ?

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Group by position and class at once. One GroupBy().

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you can use an anonymous type for the grouping and then GroupBy any number of properties. Could be something like the following

.GroupBy(item => new {ClassGroup = item.Class, PositionGroup = item.Position})

If you can use the anonymous type (for example, if you need to return the grouped result out of the current method), you could also try using a Tuple

.GroupBy(item => new Tuple<string, int>(item.Class, item.Position))
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... and as to how you group by two things at once:

var groupedByTwoThingsAtOnce = myList
    .GroupBy(i => new { Class = i.Class, Position = i.Position });
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