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in Asp.Net MVC if I decorate an action method with attribute NonAction then it wont be allowed to be called by the user visiting the site. same happens when I make it private

So whats the difference between the two and is there a special purpose for which NonAction attribute has been made?

For example whats the difference between

public ActionResult SomeAction(){}


private ActionResult SomeAction(){}

in the context of asp.net MVC of course I know one is public and the other one is private

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That's the only difference. The attribute is used when you want a method that has a signature that would make it an action, but that you don't want to be an action.

An example for a use for that is a method that action methods call to produce the ActionResult for them:

public JsonResult JsonInfo(string id, string value) {
  return Json(new { id = id, value = value });

public JsonResult GetBusInfo() {
  return JsonInfo("4", "Bus");

public JsonResult GetCarInfo() {
  return JsonInfo("8", "Car");

The reason to make it public instead of private would be so that actions in other controllers could also use it.

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How could other controllers use public method marked as NonAction? –  mipe34 Feb 9 '13 at 23:59
@mipe34: By creating an instance of the controller and call the method. –  Guffa Feb 10 '13 at 1:06
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