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How I use App controller methods or properties in my own helper method in cake php 2.X? I have method called get_lan() in App controller and this is my helper but when i run get error message:

Error: Call to undefined function get_lan() 
File: C:\wamp\www\app\View\Helper\current_langHelper.php    
Line: 8" 


App::uses('AppHelper', 'View/Helper');

class current_langHelper extends AppHelper {
    public $helpers = array('Html');

    public function current_lang()
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Helpers do not call Controller methods. In other words, the Helper does not "see" the Controller members. The Controller should pass information to the View/Helper via the set() method. You could have your get_lang() method (probably better to name it setLang()) to pass the language to the view, something like:

private setLang(){ $this->set('lang',$selectedLanguage); }

You could then use this variable in your view using:

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