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I have got a Joomla website with the plugin "Phoca Gallery". You can view your images with Shadowbox (javascript). The user can klick on an image. After this, you can see the picture in full size (this makes the Shadowbox script).

I want to save my images with a right click barrier, so that users can't use the "Save image as..." button in the content menu.

I am not a javascript crack: So does anybody know how I can deny right clicking on full-sized images?

I saw also another similar question, but I dont know how to implement the code from in answer in my Joomla site.

Thanks, Pengxer

Oh yes: I know that people can make a screenshot, look in the source code and so on, but I want to be a little bit safer ;)

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I found a solution:

I have installed a global right-click deny extension for the hole website called "AntiCopy" (by Galaa)

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