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I try to read all lines in the text area into StringBuilder so that I can use the text in text area as a whole string. However I get the NullPointerException in line s.append(line);. Why?

public class tu extends JFrame implements ActionListener{

    JTextArea t;
    static StringBuilder s;

    tu (){

        setLayout(/*new BorderLayout()*/null);
        t=new JTextArea(30,77);
        JButton b=new JButton("process");
        JPanel p=new JPanel();
        JPanel p1=new JPanel();
        p.setBorder(new TitledBorder("sequence"));

     public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
         String text=t.getText();
         while (text!=null){for (String line : text.split("\\n")){ 


    public static void main(String[] args){
        tu t=new tu();

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Attempting to invoke any method on an object that has not been instantiated will result in an NPE. You need to instantiate your StringBuilder s:

StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder();

Do you really want to wait until the user has clicked the JButton before building up the contents of this StringBuilder? StringBuilders are typically used as on-demand helper objects with local scope.

A number of things to note:

  • Use of static member variables is considered poor design
  • Class names start with uppercase letters
  • Don't use absolute positioning(null layout). Use a layout manager instead
  • The preferred approach is to create an instance of JFrame directly & use.
  • The preferred approach for ActionListeners is to use either an anonymous instance or the Action interface.
  • Consider using initial threads
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your StringBuilder is still null, when you want to write to it.

you need to instantiate your StringBuilder before appending.

s = new StringBuilder();

btw your StringBuilder s and your JScrollPane s have the same variable name, you should use different names.

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