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In the below code, indexOf() is always returning -1. The array being searched definately has the values within.

We've tried converting the checked integer into a string in case the array has string formats within, no luck there either.

If anybody could shed any light that would be great!


var c:int = 0;
var storedCachesShared:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("cacheStore");
var storedCaches:Array = storedCachesShared.data.cacheArray;
trace(storedCaches); // 1, 2

trace(storedCaches.indexOf(c+1)); // Always returns -1

if(storedCaches.indexOf(c+1) < 0){

Many thanks, Nick

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This line looks problematic. It is adding an Array (as you surrounded it with []) to the end of the existing Array:


I think you mean to add an int, so you need this:


indexOf is returning -1 because it is looking for an int but storedCaches is an Array of Arrays.

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Silly mistake! Thanks a load. –  Nick Price Feb 9 '13 at 12:10

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