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I created a string file named "Localizable.strings" from Xcode (File > New > File > Strings File) because I want to localize my app.

My string work perfectly now. My localizable string file contains

"TEST_TEXT" = "Test";

In the code I set

label1.text = NSLocalizedString(@"TEST_TEXT", nil);

like I said it works perfectly. The label shows "Test" while the app is running.

But when I click "Make Localized" and choose English it will not work. My label will show TEST_TEXT and the file will be moved to en.lproj.

Maybe iOS don't find the file in en.lproj?


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Are you testing in the simulator or on a device? Did you clean your project, then delete the app from the simulator/device before testing? –  David Ravetti Feb 10 '13 at 3:07

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I solved this problem by creating a new strings file and NOT name it Localizable.strings

i named it Localization.strings .

then we have to use:

NSLocalizedStringFromTable(@"TEST_TEXT", @"Localization/*(Your strings file name)*/", nil);

TEST_TEXT is the key from your strings file. Localization is the name of your strings file (not named Localizable). nil is comments that we don't need to use, thats why i'm typing nil.

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