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I am using ember and handlebars for template and I have a case where I need to give custom Ids to the element which is created using loops. Something like:

{{#each item in list}}
    <li {{bindAttr id=""}}>item.text</li>

i wanted my id to be a sum of strings id and name. e.g. if

id = 3 and name = summary 

then it should render as

<li id="3summary">Summary</li>
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You can't concatenate in Handlebars like that, instead you'll need to either create a Handlebars helper to do that, or create a computed property in the Ember.Object:

App.MyModel = Ember.Object.extend({
    idName: function() {
        return '%@%@'.fmt(this.get('id'), this.get('name').toLowerCase());
    }.property('id', 'name')

Please see the JSFiddle for a working example:

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Thanks, that worked. – guleria Feb 11 '13 at 19:27

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