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I have a sql query using tables in it. the result set is return to a bean class which is not mapped to a table in database. the code is here:

    SQLQuery q2=ss.createSQLQuery("select tbl_policy.policyNum as POLICYNUM FROM     tbl_policy join tbl_product on tbl_policy.FK_productId = tbl_product.pk_product_id join tbl_code  on tbl_policy.FK_codeId = tbl_code.PK_codeId join tbl_agriyear on tbl_policy.FK_agriYearId = tbl_agriyear.pk_agriyear_id where tbl_policy.FK_naturalInsurantId = :p1 and tbl_agriyear.AGRIYEAR =:p2");
q2.addScalar("POLICYNUM", Hibernate.STRING);
List<SearchPolicyBean> lsql = (List<SearchPolicyBean>)q2.list(); 

bean class name is: SearchPolicyBean when I run it, in this line

System.out.println("Finalllll "+lsql.get(0).getPOLICYNUM());

this error appears:

java.lang.String cannot be cast to BO.SearchPolicyBean
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addScalar(String columnAlias) 
          Is to Declare a scalar query result.

You declared it as a String here q2.addScalar("POLICYNUM", Hibernate.STRING);

So obviously the query results a String list not your SearchPolicyBean pojos .

If you are expectiong an list of your pojo classe you have to use


And change your query according.

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I saw in a sample, add scalar was used for classifying attributes in a POJO class –  NGS Feb 9 '13 at 19:39
addEntity is used for a database mapped bean. But my bean class is not mapped to a database table. –  NGS Feb 11 '13 at 5:52
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for getting first element:

setPolicyNum((String) ((Object[])polList.get(i))[0]);

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