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I have a database on sql server. The table regarding which i have to ask question is as follows: It has 4 columns:(table name:votes)

id bigint notnull primary key
optAvotes bigint notnull
optBvotes bigint notnull
optCvotes bigint notnull
I want to perform mathematical operations on these column values like addition, percentage calculation etc. I am doing it like this:

dim da as new sqldataadapter("select * from votes",con)
dim ds as new dataset
dim A,B,C,Total as integer

When i display the value of Total it shows an error that is conversion from string " Whereas if i declare these variables as string then Total=A+B+C displays result as a concatenated string. So please tell me the solution as soon as possible.

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Total is an integer and will not accept a string. You need to convert A,B,C from string to integer before you add them and assign the integer result to Total.

try :

Total = Convert.ToInt32(A) + Convert.ToInt32(B) + Convert.ToInt32(C)


Total = CInt(A) + CInt(B) + CInt(C)
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