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What libraries/system calls/files does vm_stat use to get information about active pages, inactive pages, etc.?

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Based on the code on Apple's site, it appears as if the core data comes from host_statistics64:


sspstat("Pages free:", (uint64_t) (vm_stat.free_count - vm_stat.speculative_count));
sspstat("Pages active:", (uint64_t) (vm_stat.active_count));
sspstat("Pages inactive:", (uint64_t) (vm_stat.inactive_count));
sspstat("Pages speculative:", (uint64_t) (vm_stat.speculative_count));
sspstat("Pages wired down:", (uint64_t) (vm_stat.wire_count));

get_stats(vm_statistics64_t stat)
    unsigned int count = HOST_VM_INFO64_COUNT;
    kern_return_t ret;
    if ((ret = host_statistics64(myHost, HOST_VM_INFO64, (host_info64_t)stat, &count) != KERN_SUCCESS)) {
        fprintf(stderr, "%s: failed to get statistics. error %d\n", pgmname, ret);
    if (stat->lookups == 0)
        percent = 0;
    else {
         * We have limited precision with the 32-bit natural_t fields
         * in the vm_statistics structure.  There's nothing we can do
         * about counter overflows, but we can avoid percentage
         * calculation overflows by doing the computation in floating
         * point arithmetic ...
        percent = (natural_t)(((double)stat->hits*100)/stat->lookups);
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