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I played a bit with binary trees and built a menu which the user chooses whether to build a binary tree, insert a value to the binary tree he built or delete it, when I clicked on the creation of a tree. The tree is created, then the menu appeared again and now I want to put a number in this tree, but that variable is not set in the case, each case should set its variable ? Or you can use a global variable?
here its my code of the menu class.

import java.util.Comparator;
 import java.util.Scanner;

 public class TreeMenu {

 public static void main(String[] args) {

     while(true ){
         System.out.println("1. Create Tree");
         System.out.println("2. Delete Tree");
         System.out.println("3. Insert Value INTO the tree");
         System.out.println("4. Exit ");
         System.out.println("Please Select Your Choice");

         Scanner choice = new Scanner(System.in); 
         int i = choice.nextInt();
         if(i>0 && i<=4){
         switch (i)

            case 1:{

                System.out.println("Creating a Tree Please Wait........");
                Comparator comp = new IntegerComparator();
                BST tree1 = new BST(comp);
            case 2:{
                System.out.println("You Chose TWO");
            case 3:{
                Scanner Number = new Scanner(System.in); 
                 int num = Number.nextInt();

            case 4:{



             System.out.println("There is no number in the menu like that "+i);




how i can use the same tree that created and insert into him values?

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Take the BST tree1 variable outside the main while loop. – nhahtdh Feb 9 '13 at 15:29
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Declare tree1 as a private global variable as

  public class TreeMenu {
    private static BST tree1 = null;

Now instantiate that tree1 inside the switch case 1, then you can use the same tree variable inside case 2

A thing to note is you would need to do error checking in case 2 and 3, if tree1 == null, that would mean no tree has been created yet.

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yes i know..thanks! – Ofir Attia Feb 9 '13 at 15:35

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