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I've got a CheckedMultiSelect which was created programmatically.

new dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect({
        id: 'products',
        name: 'products',
        multiple: true,
        readOnly: false,
        store: store,

So far so good. MultiSelect is created. Now, I open webpage with multiselect, check some checkboxes and use Chrome console:

var productSelect = dijit.byId("products");
[4, 3] 

[4, 3] is an array of checked values.

My next step is uncheck previously checked boxes and use Chrome console again:

productSelect.set('value', [4, 3]);

And this is the place where problem has occured. The function 'set' is not working. Boxes are not being selected.

I've even tried

productSelect.set('value', ['4', '3']);

Any ideas?

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Ok, i found an answer here.

However, dijit.form.Select possesses an important limitation: it is implemented in such a way that it does not handle non-string item identities well. Particularly, setting the current value of the widget programmatically via select.set("value", id) will not work with non-string (e.g. numeric) identities.

The solution is to cast ids in store to strings and use

productSelect.set('value', ['4', '3']);     
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