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I'm trying to pull an entire module into the current scope of another file after a require call.

For instance if my module looks like this:

exports.chai = require "chai"
exports.mocha = require "mocha"
exports.Q = require "q"

How can I then access the individual variables like they are global variables in the current file? So instead of doing something like requireVar.chai I can just type chai?

Thanks for any advice

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Using coffeescript, I recommend you use the destructuring assignment feature:

{chai, mocha, Q} = require 'some_module'

// use chai, mocha and Q for good stuff
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yeah this is what I ended up using. It looks the cleanest, kind of wish there were a one-line I could use to pull these global variables in myself but oh well ... –  JonMorehouse Feb 11 '13 at 15:05

Can't you just do:

var requireVar = require('yourmod')
  , chai = requireVar.chai
  , mocha = requireVar.mocha
  , Q = requireVar.Q

//then use chai, mocha and Q afterwards
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If you really, really wanted to do this, I suppose you could use with:

with (require('yourMod')) {
    // use chai, mocha etc.

Note that no-one likes with however, especially Douglas Crockford. In reality using requireVar.chai is good; it removes any ambiguity as to where chai originates from, and makes it easy to understand the structure of your code/ modules.

If you get bored typing requireVar, make it really short; a.chai.

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