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Trying to build app that connects with Evernote API, in Python/Django. For the below code i get the following error message: " 'Store' object has no attribute 'NoteFilter' " from http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/reference/NoteStore.html#Svc_NoteStore One can see, that NoteFilter is attribute of NoteStore.

def list(request):
    nbname="mihkel's notebook"
    client = EvernoteClient(token=token, sandbox=False)

    note_store = client.get_note_store()
    notebooks = note_store.listNotebooks()

    for nb in notebooks:
        if nbname == nb.name:
            nb = nb
            filter = note_store.NoteFilter()
            filter.notebookGuid = nb.guid
            notelist = note_store.findNotes(token,filter,0,10)

    return render_to_response('list.html', {'nb': nb, 'notelist':notelist})
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from evernote.edam.notestore import NoteStore
def list.. :
    Filter = NoteStore.NoteFilter()
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notestore/ttypes.py has the definition for NoteFilter

Some of the examples in the API code import like this

import evernote.edam.notestore.NoteStore as NoteStore
import evernote.edam.type.ttypes as Types

Not sure if this would be an acceptable way to correct, but I added this:

import evernote.edam.notestore.ttypes as NoteStoreTypes

and created my filter like this:

filter = NoteStoreTypes.NoteFilter()
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