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How can I allow single underscores only with preg_match?

The regex I made below takes double underscores which is not I want...

if(!preg_match('/^[a-z0-9\s\_]+$/', $name))
        $error = true;
        echo '<error elementid="name" message="name - please use alpha-numbers and lowercaps only." />';

For instance,

hello world                  ok
hello_world                  ok
hello__world                 not ok
hello_world__again__         not ok
_hello_world_again_          not ok
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Including the _ inside []+ allows for multiples. You need to surround it in []+ but not include it inside. The entire structure is surrounded by ()+ to allow for multiples of it, but it always ends with letters, numbers, or spaces.


Breaking it down:

  • Outer ()+ allows for multiples of the whole structure
  • [a-z0-9\s]+ Multiple letters, numbers, spaces (not underscore
  • _?[a-z0-9]+ optional single underscore inside the multiple letters/numbers/spaces, but not followed by space
  • [a-z0-9\s]+ more letters, numbers, spaces at the end (can't end in underscore)
  • /i Case insensitive (remove the i if you need case sensitivity)

// Updated to prevent space after underscore
$patt = '/^([a-z0-9\s]+_?[a-z0-9]+[a-z0-9\s]+)+$/i';

echo preg_match($patt, 'hello world');
// 1
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world');
// 1
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world_');
// 0
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello__world');
// 0
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world how_are you');
// 1
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world how_are you_');
// 0
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world__ how_are you_');
// 0 
echo preg_match($patt, 'hello_world how_ are you');
// 0
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thanks so much for this, Michael! :-) – teelou Feb 9 '13 at 16:34
sorry I just found out hellow_ world should not be included... is it possible? – teelou Feb 9 '13 at 16:37
@lauthiamkok How about now? It's gotten a little ugly and could benefit from a lookbehind, but works. – Michael Berkowski Feb 9 '13 at 16:40
@lauthiamkok do you also need to prevent space before the _? If so, add another [a-z0-9]+ just before _? – Michael Berkowski Feb 9 '13 at 16:41
thanks Michael. it still takes hello_ world... maybe I should use more if conditions? – teelou Feb 9 '13 at 16:43

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