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I'm inserting datas in a mysql database through a C# application, I would like to know if the insertion was or not successful and searching on the internet I read something about "EndExecuteNonQuery", but it wasn't explaining nothing about the way should use it. I have no ideia the way I can use it even why should I use it.

            cepescola = txtcepescola.Text + txtcepescola1.Text;
            num_escola = int.Parse(txtnumescola.Text);
            cnpj = txtcnpj.Text + txtcnpj2.Text;
            telefoneescola = txtddd.Text + txttel.Text;
            inserte.Append("Insert into estabelecimento ( Nome,CEP,Endereco,Numero,Bairro,UF,CNPJ,Telefone)");
            inserte.Append(" values ");
            inserte.Append("( '" + txtnomeescola.Text + "','" + cep + "','" + txtenderecoescola.Text + "','" + num_escola + "',");
            inserte.Append(" '" + txtbairroescola.Text + "','" + cbxufescola.Text + "','" + cnpj + "','" + telefoneescola + "')");
            groupBox2.Enabled = false;
            btnestabelecimento.Visible = false;
            btnlogin.Visible = true;
        catch (Exception)
            MessageBox.Show("Dados digitados em formato incorreto.", "Erro de Dados", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);
            groupBox2.Enabled = true;
            btnestabelecimento.Visible = true;
            btnlogin.Visible = false;


Where can I use it in this case and what should I change? Obs: At "Conexão.ExecutaComando(insertd.ToString());" it's a class i've created to execute commands.

And just one more thing, i used Try and Catch in case of exception but I want to abort the connection if the user write, for example, words where he must write numbers. My applicaion is finding the mistakes but it's inserting anyway.


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EndExecuteNonQuery is used i conjunction with BeginExecuteNonQuery to execute a command on the database asynchronously. I suggest you get more comfortable solving your issues before looking into running your queries asynchronously.

On the subject of your need to validate user inputs, I suggest 2 things. The first is to remove the risk of SQL injection attacks by using parameters in your commands. For example, instead of using the following (reduced for brevity):

var sql = "insert into estabelecimento (Nome) values ('" + txtnomeescola.Text + "')";

You should use the following:

var sql = "insert into estabelecimento (Nome) values (@nomeescola)";
//assume cmd is a SqlCommand instance
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@nomeescola", txtnomeescola.Text);

Secondly, if you need to perform validation on the inputs to your query then you should do that before executing the command. You already validate your num_escola parameter by parsing it into an int which will stop it being a string. You should do the same with your other numeric parameters, and maybe consider using int.TryParse instead.

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This LINK will be useful for you

Quote: This will do things like:

  1. update parameter values (out/return)
  2. check for exceptions (error codes in the TDS stream - constraint violation etc)
  3. release any objects/data buffered as part of the above etc
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This is correct and at the same time probably useless for the OP. (Actually, "TDS stream" is an SQL Server detail that as I understand it does not even apply to MySQL.) –  hvd Feb 9 '13 at 19:59

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