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I have written following piece of code with an intention to copy contents of abc.txt into another file xyz.txt

but the statement b_file.write( doesn't seem to work as intended. If I replace with some string, it (the string) gets printed.

import locale
with open('/home/chirag/abc.txt','r', encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding()) as a_file:

    with open('/home/chirag/xyz.txt','w', encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding()) as b_file:

    with open('/home/chirag/xyz.txt','r', encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding()) as b_file:

How do I go about this?

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You're looking for shutil.copyfileobj().

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You're calling twice. The first time it reads the whole file, but that is lost with the attempt to do it again after opening xyz.txt -- so nothing gets written to that file. Try this to avoid the problem:

import locale
with open('/home/chirag/abc.txt','r',
          encoding=locale.getpreferredencoding()) as a_file:
    a_content =  # only do once
    # print(a_file.closed) # not really useful information

    with open('/home/chirag/xyz.txt','w',
              encoding=locale.getpreferredencoding()) as b_file:

    with open('/home/chirag/xyz.txt','r',
              encoding=locale.getpreferredencoding()) as b_file:
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To copy the contents of abc.txt to xyz.txt, you could use shutil.copyfile():

import shutil

shutil.copyfile("abc.txt", "xyz.txt")
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