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My previous question about a problem I had, led me to numerous file path changing in order to come up with an answer that caused Maven not not to work properly (apparently Maven is not fond of sub-source-folders).
I changed the project folders to adhere Maven's standard directory layout and put log4j2.xml under src/main/resources/META-INF and the problem returned.
For some reason a Folder in eclipse is not on classpath.

How do I make it work?

I'm using the latest m2e to manage project's build and packages.
The project (is currently) consists of several sub-projects.
The parent pom defines the different modules and Java's compiler version. The pom of the module containing the META-INF folder, states several dependencies, nothing more.

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Do you have a web app? put your log4j2.xml into src/main/resources Are you using m2e in Eclipse (which Eclipse version)? Which Maven version? How does your pom file look like ? –  khmarbaise Feb 9 '13 at 21:50
Most often then not, marking the folder as source folder would fix a issue like yours. –  Olimpiu POP Feb 11 '13 at 9:34
@khmarbaise I'ts not a web-app + watch EDIT for your other questions. Making META-INF a source folder causes problems with maven (and it's just wrong) –  Royi Freifeld Feb 13 '13 at 16:47
The questions is why do you need the META-INF folder ? Let Maven generate it. –  khmarbaise Feb 13 '13 at 19:27
I'm not an expert when it comes to maven. As far as I can see, m2e creates META-INF folder within the target/classes folder but the xml files is copied to target/classes and not target/classes/META-INF unless I put the file under the resources/META-INF folder that I created –  Royi Freifeld Feb 13 '13 at 20:35

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rightclick on your project -> add source folder -> select your resourcefolder. done.

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Not exactly what I had in mind... resource folder should be on classpath with no need for any operations –  Royi Freifeld Jun 27 '13 at 18:58
Works perfectly for me, especially because not all my project come initialized with a resources folder. –  BCqrstoO Mar 18 '14 at 1:35

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