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At the beginning of my Clojure program I do a:

(def db-coords
    {:classname "org.postgresql.Driver"
     :subprotocol "postgresql"
     :subname (str "//" host ":" port "/" dbname) ;; host, port and dbname are defd above
     :user      "foo"
     :password  "bar"})

I would like to store these values in an external file (.clj or otherwise) on the classpath and load them from there. Clearly one way to do it would be using java.util.Properties but I suspect there is an idiomatic way in Clojure.

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Consider using spit and slurp with read-string.

Clojure has a built-in ability to serialize and deserialize its data structures.

To serialize to a file:

(spit "./coords.txt" db-coords)

To load the file back in as a string and deserialize:

(read-string (slurp "./coords.txt"))
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clj-config is a nice library which encapsulates the spit, read-string api


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I have created a library for handling env specific configuration regions via Clojure maps and JVM system properties:

https://github.com/bbbates/confijulate This was a pattern that I found myself repeating over and over for every project.

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