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I have adb wireless connection working for debuging applications in eclipse, but I am having an issue with an application that is using the USB cable to attach to an accessory.

The application is designed to start when the accessory is plugged in, SO I establish my ADB connenction and then run debug on eclipse, code loads etc.., now when I plug the accessory in the app starts and runs but loses communication to eclipse. So I can't debug!

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In the command prompt just run adb connect <device ip>:5555 again after the tablet is plugged into the FT311 (I am assuming it is the FT311 from your other question). It will then reconnect and then run adb logcat again and done.

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I was at my wit's end, thank you! For some stupid reason I simply didn't think this would work. –  Scott W Apr 8 '13 at 15:24

That is only a partial solution. Yes, you can reestablish the connection over WiFi (which works great, BTW) but the moment you disconnect or reconnect the USB cable, you'll lose the association with ADB again - even though it's running over WiFi and should have no dependency upon USB at all.

So beware, this works but will not solve the problem if, for example, you're trying to debug anything associated with USB attach/detach Intents.

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