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The docs say:

Regular expressions can also be used, with the addition of the ~ character. For example:

<Files ~ "\.(gif|jpe?g|png)$">

would match most common Internet graphics formats. <FilesMatch> is preferred, however.

But I don't understand why it's preferred.

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Essentially both will do the same. Often when such situations occur it's an issue of styling/readability. For example if someone isn't familiar with Apache's config Files will read as 'this will match given filenames, as in Unix filenames', FilesMatch however is more reader friendly when used wih regex. The match part will give away that matchers as in regex matchers are involved, opposed to the ~ with Files.

Be sure to pick one for regex, not both. Be consistent, this will ensure readability of your config file.

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There is no good reason and they do the same thing at runtime.

Directives with a *Match alternative are the consistent way used by Apache to have a regex-accepting flavor of an existing directive.

It is simply a configuration style/consistency issue.

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