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I am using socket.io and I am trying to emit an event from my server and pass an object with a function as a parameter. Here is my code:

  socket.emit('customEvent', {
    name : "Test".
    myFunc : function() {
        //some logic here

and then in the client (my app in the browser) I am able to access 'name' property but when I try to access 'myFunc' but I get 'undefined' for it. Here is my code

socket.on('customEvent', function(data){

What is the correct approach for this (if it is possible at all)?

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The data is transmitted as JSON, so it can't contain functions. Maybe you're looking for what's called 'acknowledgments' in socket.io's documentation?

// server
socket.on('customEvent', function (data, fn) {

// client
socket.emit('customEvent', { x: 1 }, function(){
    // ...
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You can serialize your function, maybe it's a dangerous way for some functions. But socket.io transfers only strings as pure strings or JSON. You can try to eval string function when receive it from server side.

NOTE: Code not tested below:

function hello() {
  return "Hello Cruel World";

socket.emit('send-function', { myFunc : hello.toString() });


on server side:

socket.on('send-function', data) {

Try on this code and give us a feedback if it works.

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