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Trying to make the new RTL Support in PrimeFaces 3.5 work dynamically, I appended the following in web.xml:


As you can see, the parameter value is an EL expression, evaluated from the bean property : direction:

    private String direction = "ltr";

    public String getDirection() {
          if (FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().getLocale().getLanguage() == "ar") {
             direction = "rtl";
          } else {
             direction = "ltr";
          return direction;


However this does not work (I am too naive to believe it could work that simple way, since web.xml is not loaded the same way as xhtml files...)

If I tell explicitly for example ACCORDION to react to direction value, it does successfully (If locale language is changed to ar, dir receives rtl value, and if it is changed to fr or en, value received by dir attribute is ltr):

<p:accordionPanel dir="#{facesBean.direction}" id="accordion_services" dynamic="true" cache="true"
                                  style="text-align: justify;" >
                    <p:tab title="#{i18n.seep}">
                        <h:panelGrid columns="2" cellpadding="10">
<!-- Remainder of code here ...... -->

I could apply that latter solution to every PrimeFaces component that has the DIR attribute, but that is anti-productive and would consume great amount of time. The application scope DIR parameter is the ideal solution and it's claimed that it supports EL expressions. So I am interested in making it work.

Any clues?


JBoss AS 7.1 Mojarra 2.1 PrimeFaces 3.5 Latest Firefox/Chrome

Reference: Page 491 from PrimeFaces 3.5 user guide:

*Global Configuration

Using primefaces.DIR global setting to rtl instructs PrimeFaces RTL aware components such as datatable, accordion, tabview, dialog, tree to render in RTL mode.*





Parameter value can also be an EL expression for dynamic values. In upcoming PrimeFaces releases, more components will receive built-in RTL support. Until then if the component you use doesn’t provide it, overriding css and javascript in your application would be the solution. 491

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have you come to solution with this issue ? –  MahmoudS Apr 27 '13 at 8:26
@MahmoudSaleh not really! the DIRECTIOn in WEB.XML is loaded at runtime! It's not dynamic! So as for now, I am just using the "dir" attribute of every component which retrieves its value from the method public String getDirection(){}. I posted this matter in PrimeFaces forum but no answer since months! –  Hanynowsky Apr 27 '13 at 12:09

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RTL currently does NOT support EL in web.xml (I am using PF 3.5) I have created a feature request for PF team

I have posted this question again in PF forum and I got an answer here

See also:

using JSF EL expression inside web.xml

UPDATE its fixed and will be available in the upcoming Primefaces 4.1

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