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How do I use IntelliJ with Subversion, Git and "git-svn".

My firm is using subversion for the main repository but I like to use git so I use the command line and issue the following commands

git-svn clone -s http://example.com/my_subversion_repo local_dir

but at the end I have to issue a git-svn dcommit can this be done from within IntelliJ

git-svn dcommit

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It's not supported in IDEA. –  CrazyCoder Feb 10 '13 at 0:39
thanks CrazyCoder –  techsjs2013 Feb 10 '13 at 13:42
I've used SmartGit for a couple years and love it. I tried doing git workflow in IntelliJ but went back to SmartGit. I haven't used it with svn yet, but this might interest you: syntevo.com/smartgithg/svn-index –  majgis Jan 24 at 16:22

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You can use built-in IntelliJ Git support with SubGit.

There are different options:

  1. If you have administrator access to Subversion repository, you can install SubGit 1.0 into this repository and enable Git access to your SVN repository. This way you can work with created Git repository and SubGit will synchronize all the changes with SVN counterpart.

  2. You can also use SubGit 2.0 (EAP stage at the moment) and synchronize local Git repository with remote SVN repository. So you can keep working with SubGit-enabled local Git repository and all the changes will be replicated to SVN repository.

For more information please refer to SubGit documentation and to comparison with git-svn.

Disclaimer: I'm one of SubGit developers; SubGit is a commercial software with some free options; SubGit 2.0 EAP builds are free to use.

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I confirmed with IntelliJ it can't be done right now..

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