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I have written a script to grab some info from google geocoder using perl and json. This example below grabs address info using an airport abbr.

use JSON;
use LWP::Simple;

my $geo_url = "http://maps.google.com/maps/api/geocode/json?sensor=false&address=PHL";

my $response = get($geo_url);
my $json = decode_json($response);

my $location = $json->{results}[0]->{geometry}->{location};
my $address  = $json->{results}[0]->{formatted_address};

print "<br />Latitude: ".$location->{lat}." Longiude: ".$location->{lng};
print "<br />Address: ".$address;

I can grab individual parts of the address_component array by using:


but what I really want to do is get the city, state and zip (postal_code). to do this I need to loop through the address_components and run something like this:

for (keys $json->{results}[0]{address_components}) {
  if ($json->{results}[0]{address_components}[$i]->types[0] eq "postal_code") {
    print "Zip: ".$json->{results}[0]{address_components}[$i]->{short_name};

Obviously this is not valid code but I wanted to explain what I am trying to do. It's the loop I can't get to work. I've tried a lot of configurations and I keep getting an array length of 1 even though the array item length is 6.

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Based on


$json->{results}[0]{address_components} holds a reference to an array. While you can technically call keys on an array reference to get a list of indexes in recent versions of Perl, it's simpler just to get a list of the array's elements in this case (and most other cases too).

for my $address_component (@{ $json->{results}[0]{address_components} }) {
    if ( $address_component->{types}[0] eq "postal_code") {
       print "Zip: $address_component->{shortname}\n";

Might be better to look at all the types.

for my $address_component (@{ $json->{results}[0]{address_components} }) {
    if (grep { $_ eq "postal_code" } @{ $address_component->{types} }) {
       print "Zip: $address_component->{shortname}\n";
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Thank's, this worked out great. In case anyone wants to use this solution you may want to change shortname to short_name to be compatible with Google geocoder output. That was my bad in the original question. –  chrisrth Feb 10 '13 at 1:16

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