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I opened a .txt file with an ifstream object named input. If a new line starts with a "(" then it doesn't read it how I want it to. The expected output doesn't get printed, then it exits the loops. I want it to only jump out of the while loop when it reaches the end of the file. What am I doing wrong? My do while loop and my .txt file are below.

char c;
int i;
    if(input.peek( ) == '(' || input.peek( ) == ')')
        input >> c;
        cout << c;
    }else if(input.peek( ) == '+' || input.peek( ) == '-' || input.peek( ) == '*' || input.peek( ) == '/')
        input >> c;
        cout << c;
        input >> i;
        cout << i;

}while(input && input.peek( ) != EOF);

Here is the .txt file, each on a separate line:


This is my output:

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So, I'm pretty certain that the problem is that input.peek() is returning a newline after ')' has been read. Then input >> i; doesn't read a number, and i remains the value it had before, so the output is 3. You could quickly try this by adding i = 42; before input >> i; - if the output becomes (3)42, then I'm right.

If I'm right, you will want to add a bit of code to handle isspace() or something similar.

May I also suggest that you do something like cpeek = input.peek();, before the first if, and then use if (cpeek == '(' || cpeek == ')')... etc.

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Thank you, that was exactly it. Any suggestions on how to handle the the line return? This is what I have right now, but it still isn't working how I'd like: if(input.peek() == '\n') {cout << endl; input >> c;} The first char of every line is missing. – KKendall Feb 10 '13 at 1:16
cin.ignore(); perhaps? Or cin.get(); would work in this case. – Mats Petersson Feb 10 '13 at 1:18
Perfect. You are the best. I used input.ignore(). – KKendall Feb 10 '13 at 1:29

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