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I recently switched to a new server and now when I add new topics to my forum, apostrophes become ' as they enter the database, while the apostrophes get backslashed.

For example:

Mike's website becomes: Mike\'s website. While in the database it becomes: Mike\' website.

I have checked to see if magic_quotes is on via php.ini -- it is off.

I have spent days troubleshooting, with no available reason why.

Strangely, when I use ' which creating the topic in my forum, it returns an apostrophe! I am assuming there is somewhat of a language problem. My forum is programmed to use UTF-8, and so is the database.

I checked database entries before the switch, and oddly, they would get recorded as apostrophes ' and not as ' ... Like it should. I know I could use striplashes(), but I don't want to since it worked properly without them before!

What apache/mysql settings are causing this to occur?

Furthermore, the characters < > also become html code characters.

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