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suppose I have fooIds :: [Key Foo]. How would I get foos :: [Foo]?

I tried

    foos <- map get fooIds

but it gives me

No instance for (MonadBaseControl IO m0)
  arising from a use of `get'

I assume because I need to use runDB. But I'm not quite sure how to work it in.

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It would look something like this:

foos <- runDB $ mapM get fooIds

However, that will give you a list of Maybe Foos. You can turn that into a list of Foos by either replacing get with get404 or by using catMaybes. Note that these are two different approaches: with the first, if any ID does not exist, the user will get a 404. With the second, that key will simply be ignored.

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Ah, thanks! what if instead I had mfooIds :: [Maybe (Key Foo)] and wanted to get mfoos :: [Maybe Foo] ? How would I make a get function that takes a Maybe Key ? – user316146 Feb 10 '13 at 5:51
Nevermind, got it with mfoos <- runDB $ mapM (maybe (return Nothing) get) mfooIds – user316146 Feb 10 '13 at 7:29

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