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I'm a computer science grad learning web development for 3 years now, my question is, how professional web developers manage and maintain websites for clients? if their is an update, do they dig into the code updating every link? do they use development tools? I know that Dreamweaver has a template to update some kind of things, but is this the way to go? or clients just prefer to use a CMS to update their own data or blog? or developing a back-end interface would be better? I just need an insight to get a better understanding of how professional developers maintain websites and content for clients?

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Answer: Use a CMS –  SLaks Feb 10 '13 at 2:52

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I suggest you take a look at Django, as one example out of many good web frameworks. Its many features include two which may be interesting to you in the context of your set of questions. One is robust templating system, the other is URL parsing. It's very easy to inject template with data, and get HTML out of automatically. Whatever the updates are, either in content or in the layout, is thus easy to implement. And because URLs can be parsed, it's easy to map URL patters to functions, without relying on a specific function name. So when that code needs to be updated, it requires a single change in the URL mapping.

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