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I'm using m2eclipse plugin to develop maven project in eclipse. While editing pom.xml file, I use the Dependencies tab in the pom.xml editor to choose dependencies required. Recently I noticed that the dependencies available while searching is not up-to-date.

For eg. The available version in m2eclipse for spring-aop is 3.1.3.RELEASE however quick google search gave me version 3.2.1.RELEASE from . Similarly spring-asm was also not up-to-date.

I'm using many dependencies and I don't want to check for up-to-date dependencies manually.

How can the repository in m2eclipse be kept up-to-date, may be sync with

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Select Window, Show View, Other..., Maven, Maven Repositories and click OK. This will open Maven Repositories View. Select Global Repositories and right click on central (, select either Rebuild Index or Update Index. This will make your index up-to-date.

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