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I've followed the tutorial on the wiki at devise to enable facebook login using omniauth-facebook gem. It works and signs the user in and even creates an account however theres one issue here. The email address returned on facebook login looks kinda like:


I dont think this is how it should be working though - why isnt it returning the right email address here? Please do help.

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I'm having the same issue today, but my app was working fine until then. So, I'm not sure if it was a change by Facebook API or something else.

It looks like that Facebook provides a choice to users hide their e-mail from third parties (, but that's strange because I didn't use that option and I'm still having this behavior.

Edit: Testing with another facebook account, it seems to be working as expected, returning the facebook user's email.

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Hmmm so its likely to be a temporary issue - I've been facing this problem for the past 3 days now though. I'll give it a check and see if that was the case... – Ali Feb 11 '13 at 11:20

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