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I am a newbie to Open Map Street. I made some research and found that we can download and store the map into a folder. But i didn't find any tutorial or sample that provides offline Open Street Map. Can someone provide me with a step by step tutorial, a guide to implement offline open street map please. I am following this example http://android-coding.blogspot.com/2012/06/example-of-implementing-openstreetmap.html but now i want to make it available when there is no connection.

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Like in the tutorial you mentionned you can use osmdroid library: https://code.google.com/p/osmdroid/

There's a good explanation of how osmdroid works with offline maps here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/8286276/891479

Use MapTileProviderBasic in your app. Some examples here: http://www.androidadb.com/class/ma/MapTileProviderBasic.html

To generate your offline maps in osmdroid format use Mobile Atlas Creator: http://mobac.sourceforge.net/

You can choose the source of the maps and the output format. Once generated, put your maps atlas in zip format into your "/osmdroid/map" directory.

Hope it will help!

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Hi @resus,... i just found out that Google Earth / Maps options have been removed from the Mobile Atlas Creator functions? If that's the case... how could I create the map of my area that supported to be read by osmdroid? –  gumuruh Aug 9 at 6:47
Google maps are probably not present for licensing reason, you can use openstreet maps sources for offline maps. –  resus Aug 11 at 8:45

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