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I'm looking for a good "Wizard" library in Flex before rolling my own. The important features are:

  • Multiple custom input panels in sequence.
  • Ability to prepopulate the data fields using an object, but cancelling at any point leaves original data unmodified.
  • Ability to move to back and forth in panel sequence without losing data.
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Hey mate, Here is something I wrote that might fit your needs


Hope it helps, Cheers!

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I suggest just using a ViewStack container; alongside this I suggest using ViewStack effects to transition between each "input panel": http://www.efflex.org/

A "input panel" would probably be made up of a TitleWindow component (with the closeButton=true) and a Form component (with TextInputs,ComboBoxes,DateSelectors,etc)

Unfortunately, I have not come upon any library with this functionality.

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