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Can anyone tell me under what circumstances this would fail?

self.next_button.Enable( self.__next_enabled )
assert( self.next_button.Enabled == self.__next_enabled )

I know it's not a type problem -- print self.next_button gives <wx._controls.Button; proxy of <Swig Object of type 'wxButton *' at 0x90ea9c0>. Inserting self.next_button.Refresh() doesn't help. Neither does a wx.Yield(). I also checked whether the button was frozen (just in case), but it isn't.

WxPython version is on Windows 7. I don't seem to have this trouble on Ubuntu or Mac.

Actually, it's a little bit stranger even than this: The button seems to magically disable itself when I open a wx.ProgressBar in a different function call. The code here is trying to re-enable the button as a workaround to that. Again, the same code on Ubuntu and Mac never disables the button.


I hacked my way around the problem like this:

def reset_button_states( self ):
    self.next_button.Enable( self.__next_enabled )
    if self.next_button.Enabled != self.__next_enabled:
        from threading import Timer
        Timer( 0.1, self.reset_button_states ).start()

I'm not sure exactly why this works when wx.Yield doesn't, but I'll take it for the time being. I'd still like to know why the Enable call could ever fail silently and why the button gets so strongly disabled in the first place.

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I'm guessing your self.__next_enabled variable is sometimes set to False or 0 (zero). If so, then when you call your button's Enable function with False, it disables the button. It would help if you included a small runnable example.

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If self.__next_enabled is False, then shouldn't the assertion still be true? I'm less worried about the state of the button here and more worried about why the button doesn't set its state to whatever value I send to Enable(). (And I've checked -- the variable is True.) – jab Feb 12 '13 at 3:24

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