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I'm working on my thesis and i'm trying to make a standart forum, but I'm having a problem with my search.

Right now it's only searching my thread subject instead of searching the text in that thread.

`$query=mysql_db_query($db,"SELECT topic,isi FROM forum where ID_replay=0 and topic like '%$key%' or isi like '%key%' order by date desc",$koneksi);`

It seems that the query is only searching from the "topic" columns in that table forum. I'm using ID_replay to order my result by by date, so i'm confused on why its not working.

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I think you need to group your conditions...

SELECT topic,isi 
FROM   forum 
where  ID_replay = 0 AND
       (topic LIKE '%$key%' OR isi LIKE '%key%') 
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Great its work, but why it cant search few word. its only search word that close to it. ex: "i know it will true" if i search "i know it" result show, but if i try " i know true" it result no data?? –  whaku Feb 10 '13 at 5:51
because the string i know it will true does not contain a word know the is followed by true. you can search for FULL TEXT SEARCH on this –  John Woo Feb 10 '13 at 5:53

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