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We're already using the NewRelic service to monitor RoR applications. We have some customers whose security policies will not allow us to use external services to monitor their internal applications.

Could anybody recommend some open-source (non commercial) monitoring tools which could be installed on own servers? Monitoring tool would display:

  • Errors
  • long running web transactions
  • response times
  • etc

I looked a little bit at Cacti, Nagios and Zabbix, but I didn't find any descriptions on how to integrate these tools with RoR applications.

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3 Answers

How about Riemann?

Has live event processing and has a ruby client.

Unfortunately there isn't any, as powerfully integrated rails gem as like Newrelic's.

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Munin-Rails-Plugins gem could be a good option for rails app monitoring on own servers; check out the screenshots of the generated output

The Ruby Toolbox also provides quite a few options for Server Monitoring - most popular being god - and other aspects of Maintenance & monitoring. Worth checking out the popular ones in the relevant sub-category.

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Munin-Rails-Plugins gem seams good choice –  aboltart Feb 10 '13 at 12:20
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Rails provides metrics via ActiveSupport::Notifications which you can use for monitoring and alerting. They provide information about database query times, exceptions, full request processing times and so on. A full list of available options can be found on the ruby on rails docs.

Riemann is a good choice for receiving these metrics and processing them into actionable events. E.g given a database query taking longer than X, send my support team an email. If you wanted to build some kind of dashboard, Riemann can pass metrics straight into graphite.

I wrote a blog post on using Riemann for Rails monitoring which might be of some interest.

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