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I have DataGridViewComboBoxColumn in my datagridview and I want to populate using linq in run-time:

I try this

var line = from li in dbdata.Production_lines select li;

(grdEmp.Rows[count].Cells["Line"] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).DataSource = line;
(grdEmp.Rows[count].Cells["Line"] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).ValueMember = "L_id";
(grdEmp.Rows[count].Cells["Line"] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).DisplayMember = "L_id";

But this didn't work. so how do I bind the data to ComboBox in my DataGridView

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I though you're trying to add a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn :) – spajce Feb 10 '13 at 6:49

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Try this :

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn combo = (DataGridViewComboBoxColumn)grdEmp.Columns["Line"];

combo.DataSource = line;
combo.ValueMember = "L_id";
combo.DisplayMember = "L_id"; // I also suspect this should be a text column
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