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Consider a case where a function has 10 lines of code and you are doing a step debugging via GDB and are on line six. You realize that function call at line 4 did some goof up due to which you are at line 5.

Assuming that line 4 function call does not do anything drastic (mem free, etc) you wish to make your SP point @ line 4 and step into that func without re-running that test case.

I have been able to do it by doing registry modification.

What I wanted to know, are there some gdb commands which can help me achieve the above without manual registry mod.


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Use jump command as described here.

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Just set a breakpoint on the line you need (using the break command) and jump to it (using the jump command).

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If I understand correctly, you want to "step back". This is supported by GDB since version 7. See manual, tutorial or related Stackoverflow topic.

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