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I want to send string values of latitude and longitude to another class but I'm a little bit confused about how to use it with put extra intent.

Here's my code:

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), PlacesMapActivity.class);

//Sending data to another Activity
String latitude = Double.toString(;
String longitude = Double.toString(placeDetails.result.geometry.location.lng);
i.putExtra("user_lat", latitude);
i.putExtra("user_lng", longitude);


Is it right if I try to retrieve the string value like this?

// Getting intent data
Intent i = getIntent();

// Users current geo location
String user_lat = i.getStringExtra("user_latitude");
String user_lng = i.getStringExtra("user_longitude");

Please give me your opinion. Thanks.

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You must use the same name for the extra in put and in get. For example you put user_lat but then try to get user_latitude, this obviously won't work. Otherwise, it looks fine to me.

Note that you can put double values directly, there is no need to convert to a String. To get them back use getDoubleExtra.

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thanks henry. i was typo about the user_lat. :) – user1673210 Feb 10 '13 at 7:29

According to your question - yes, it is correct way to pass data from Activity to another one, but you have to remember that your name argument should be the same for putting and retrieving data.

Also the second way to do this is to use getExtras() method. In the second Activity, in which you want to retrieve data:

// Getting intent data
Intent i = getIntent();
Bundle extras = i.getExtras();

// Users current geo location
if(extras != null) { // Check if extras were found
   String user_lat = extras.getString("user_latitude");
   String user_lng = extras.getString("user_longitude");

The difference between both ways is:

  • getStringExtra() method returns null if String with specified name could not be found
  • getExtras() method returns null if no extras was found
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