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I have the following scenario. There is a collection Suppliers and another Invited. Now Invited.supplier = Supplier._id (syntax might be wrong) Invited collection refers to Suppliers in One to Many fashion.

In my html , I have

<template name="mytemplate">
{{#each invited_list}}

I have a helper function

invited_list : function(){
return Invited.find({"something"});

I would like to display {{}} instead of _id in {{supplier}} in my invited_list . What are my options?

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You could create a resolver function such as:

    invited_list : function(){
        return resolveSupplierToNames(Invited.find({"something"}).fetch());

function resolveSupplierToNames(invitedList) {
    for (var i=0; i<invitedList.length; i++) {
        invitedList[i].supplier = Suppliers.findOne({_id: invitedList[i].supplier}).name;

    return invitedList;

There are generally two options with mongodb, one is the above (manual). The second is to use DBRefs. However I'm not sure meteor supports DBRefs completely yet. As suggested in the mongodb docs theres nothing wrong with doing it manually.


Meteor has since introduced a transform function, you can do something similar like:

    invited_list : function(){
        return Invited.find({"something"},{transform:function(doc) {
            doc.supplier_name = Suppliers.findOne({_id: doc.supplier_id}).name;
            return doc;
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Great that works nice and clean . Thanx! – v2gods Feb 11 '13 at 10:05
I was reading this answer trying to do the same thing, and you added the transform update while I was reading it. Thank you so much. – Wind Up Toy May 22 '13 at 16:48

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