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I have used Squishit to minify and bundle JS and to compress Bundled file I enabled option (Enable Static content compression) in IIS 7.5

Issue is Js doesn't get compressed and I just get minified js but if I enable dynamic content compression then Js gets compressed.

Now problem with dynamic compression is that it does not cache the file and on each request it has to do the compression that take time of CPU.

Can someone help me out why js doesn't get compressed in static content compression mode

and is this the ideal way to send js on client side

JS -> Minify JS (Squishit) -> Compress (Static /Dynamic)
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Are you using SquishIt to generate files to serve directly, or serving them through an asset controller of some kind? If you're serving bundles through a controller you are probably running into this issue. If you include your SquishIt version and more about your setup it would help. –  AlexCuse Feb 11 '13 at 20:57
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